Distracted Drivers
(ORC 4511.991)

In the Bellevue Municipal Court, the Distracted Driving violation is waiverable. The offense is not, however, payable online. YOU MUST CONTACT THE COURT FOR WAIVER AND COURSE INSTRUCTIONS.

** For traffic offenders who are charged with a violation of distracted driving, this Ohio Department of Public Safety driving course is available in lieu of paying the court fine of $100.00, providing the offender submits written evidence of the distracted driver course to the Court ON OR BEFORE THE COURT DATE GIVEN.

The one-hour course discusses what distracted driving is, who is a distracted driver, cell phone distractions, the risks and consequences of driving distracted, and combating distracted driving.

The course can be found on the Driver Training website https://www.drivertraining.ohio.gov.

From the homepage, a person should click on the "Distracted Driving Course" button. On the next page the offender should click on the "Enter Course" button. The offender will need to print the Certificate of Completion and submit to the Court.