Jury Duty


The Bellevue Municipal Court appreciates your willingness to serve as a juror and take part in this very important civil duty. Jury service gives citizens the opportunity to participate in the judicial process by serving as jurors in criminal, traffic and civil cases. Having a case heard by a jury of our peers is key to each citizen's ability to receive a fair trial. We will try to make your service as comfortable and educational as possible.
Juror Selection
In Ohio, prospective jurors are randomly selected from a list of registered voters or a combined list of the registered voters and a list of licensed drivers residing in the county or city that the Court serves.
Prospective jurors receive a comi summons and a questionnaire to be filled out and returned to the Clerk of Courts Office. On the questionnaire there is a section to request an excusal or an exemption from service. If you are 75 years of age or older, you may request to be excused by stating such on the questionnaire. Note: work is not considered an excuse from service. Please do not call the Clerk of Courts Office to request to be excused. These exemptions and excusals are only granted by the Judge, and they are granted sparingly.
Jurors serve for a term of 4months. If a juror is needed for trial, they will be notified and instructed as to the date and time they are to appear. On the day of your service please wear appropriate attire, business casual is required. It is suggested that you bring reading material, along with a beverage.
Payment for jury duty service will be mailed to each juror.
Under penalty as prescribed by law, failure to comply could result in Contempt of Court proceedings against you.